Reloading for Cowboy Action Shooting
I started reloading my own Ammo in 2007. Since then I have reloaded over 65,000 rounds in nine different calibers ranging from .380 ACP to .45-70 Govt. Most of my reloads are for Cowboy Action shooting.

My reloading equipment consists of two LEE Classic Turret presses, a Dillon 550 semi-automatic press and a MEC 12 Ga. Shotgun Reloader.

To anybody starting out in reloading, I would heartily recommend starting out with a LEE Classic Turret press in the single stage mode  priming and charging off press to learn the basics of reloading. The LEE Classic Turret press can be upgraded to prime and charge on press.  With the experience gained, one can decide if they want to move on to a semi-automatic press.

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