John V. Saffran
AKA Johnny McCrae
SASS #70670   NCOWS #2849   NRA Member
Range Officer Conservation Club Kenosha County
I have been involved in the fascinating Sport of Cowboy Action Shooting since 2007 I shot my first Cowboy Action Match in June of 2007 at the Bristol Plains Pistoleros CAS Club in southeastern Wisconsin.

My involvement with Cowboy Action Shooting started with a trip to a local Rifle Range to watch my son sight in his Deer Rifle in November of 2005. The last time I fired a high-powered Rifle was in Army boot camp in 1959. I did some small game hunting for a few years during the mid seventies. I owned a couple of Shotguns and a .22 Ruger 10-22 Rifle. I sold those Firearms when I started a business in 1980.

I've always been interested in the Old West and this outing with my son rekindled my interest in Old West Firearms so I went out and bought a reproduction of an 1851 Navy Colt Percussion Revolver. I then discovered that a Black Powder Pistol could only be fired outdoors so I then purchased a Heritage .22 Single Action Revolver. I then went on the internet and discovered a website called CAS City. This website introduced me to Cowboy Action Shooting and sources to purchase Old West Firearm Reproductions. I then purchased a Cimmaron 1873 USV Single Action Army Colt Reproduction in .45 Colt. I spent the next year practicing my shooting and gun handling, securing additional Firearms and Cowboy Clothing in preparation for my frist Cowboy Action Match. 

II am in my eleventh season of Cowboy Action Shooting. During this period I have learned to do Leather Working, reload my own ammunition, make Pistol Grips, became a SAA Range Officer and most important, learned to safely handle Firearms.

I serve as a Co-Match Director for the Bristol Plains Pistoleros (SASS Club) and as the Trail Boss for the Sweetwater Regulators (NCOWS Posse). Both of these organizations are sponsored by the Conservation Club of Kenosha County and are located in Bristol, Wisconsin. Please go the the Cowboy Links page of this website for more information.

Please have fun browsing through my website and feel free to contact me.

      John  Saffran
          AKA Johnny McCrae
          phone: 262-758-2000
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